The Terrorist’s Son: A Story Of Choice by Zak Ebrahim

terrorists son.jpg

“I’m so sick of hating people.”

These six words, spoken by his mother, changed Zak Ebrahim’s life forever. The son of an infamous terrorist, Zak’s childhood and adolescence were filled with images of violence and utterances of hatred. By the time Zak turned eighteen, his mother, brother, and sister and he had more than twenty times, and the only relationship he shared with his incarcerated father was through prison visits and recorded collect calls. Whether being beaten by his stepfather at home or bullied at school, an escape seemed nowhere to be found. Rather than turning to violence himself, however, Zak discovered that he had the power to decide his own path, and has since committed his life to speaking out publicly against terrorism and promoting peace.

A story of perseverance and resilience, Zak Ebrahim shows readers that the past need not define the future, and even in the face of extreme hatred, tolerance can prevail. A fluid read that presents the facts of Zak’s reality growing up with an extremist father, The Terrorist’s Son: A Story Of Choice is best suited for the mature YA audience. It is an excellent addition to the genre as it is sure to inspire meaningful dialogue about facing opposition of any kind with openness and nonviolence.

By Mia Rotondi

Ebrahim, Zak, and Jeff Giles. The Terrorist’s Son: A Story Of Choice. New York: Ted Books, 2014. Print.


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