Juliet Takes A Breath by Gabby Rivera


“Question everything anything anyone ever says to you or forces down your throat or makes you write a hundred times on the blackboard.” Have you ever been THAT token for a White person.  Well welcome to the experience of Juliet, a Lesbian Puerto Rican Girl from the South Bronx.  Juliet Takes a Breath is about a girl who becomes exposed to a whole new world of identities aside from her Puerto Rican Lesbian Identity.  She quickly learns how toxic her white relationships are because they have created assumptions of her identity.  Some even refusing to acknowledge the wrongs that have been done on parts of her identity.  Her girlfriend Laine, a white girl, completely disregards her struggle as a puerto rican girl and her history.  Her other relationship is with Hawthorne who is referred to as the pussy lady because of the book she had written.  Hawthorne took Juliet in as an intern but Juliet later learns that she ended up being a charity case for Hawthorne. Hawthorne referred to her as the poor brown girl who has struggled in the violent bronx that she has turned into her intern so she can save her form that life.    
If you in anyway identify with either being a person of color, or a lesbian or simply want to read about other marginalized identities, this is the book for you.  It is truly a riveting novel that is situationally complex and opens the minds of readers who may be in similar  situations.  Juliet takes A breath takes you on the journey from her coming out to her family the day she is supposed to leave for internship to her relationship with her white girlfriend and white hippie boss all the way to her realization to love all parts of her identity and to not let anyway dictate who she is or who she should become.  All letting her to come to a conclusion and just breathe.

By Aishatu Mohammed

Rivera, Gabby. Juliet takes a breath. S.l.: Lightening Source, 2016. Print.


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