Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar

9780399546440How do dreams influences the choices we make? Why are dreams important?

Lucky Broken Girl is a young adult book by Ruth Behar follows Ruthie Mizrahi, a young Cuban immigrant, who is adjusting to life in New York City. At school, she is placed in English as a Second Language class and befriends Ramu who helps her navigate the experience of learning a language in a new country. After a tragic car accident leaves Ruthie’s body in a cast, it is her relationships with her friends, family, and art that allow her time for self-care and reflection. Ruthie devotes her recovery time to writing letters to her friend Ramu, to artist Frida Kahlo, and to God.

My favorite passage from the book is titled: “If Your Dreams Are Small They Can Get Lost”. In this passage, Ruthie reflects on the people who cared for her during her recovery and says: “Mami, I’ll never forget how you took care of me. Te quiero, Mami. I love you. I say the words in Spanish and English, so she knows how much I mean it” (Behar 202). This lyrical and rich young adult text explores themes of identity, language, and dreams. Woven throughout this piece is snippets of resilience, perseverance, and hope.

Lucky Broken Girl is a coming of age text that features a Jewish woman of color lead. This semi-autobiographical book concludes with an author’s note that describes Ruth Behar’s experiences writing the book and what the story means to her.

By Sofia

Behar, Ruth. Lucky Broken Girl. New York, NY: Nancy Paulsen , 2017. Print.


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