Another Day by David Levithan


David Levithan does it again in this young adult, fantastical romance novel. As a sequel to Levithan’s Every Day, Another Day takes on the opposite perspective of the first novel, picking apart point of views and how we all experience different events in our lives. With regular cross-over with the first novel, it’s the perfect companion to compare outlooks and take a deep look into empathy and how we perceive one another. While struggling with a complicated love story, Levithan manages to introduce unique components allowing all readers to find themselves within this text in one way or another. Scrambling to pull her life together, Rhiannon juggles her ‘real’ life with the one she can’t have, yet desperately finds herself wanting. Levithan manages to encapsulate a diverse number of adolescent experiences on the surface as well as hidden behind the fantastical elements of unknowing.

– Nikki Grossfeld

MLA citation:  Levithan, David. Another day. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2015. Print.


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